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As of what date the new take-back rules will be applicable to the last battery retailers?

The battery retailers will have to comply with the new legislative requirements by 19th March 2010 at the latest.

Who is obligated to take the spent batteries back in his/her place of business?

The end-retailer, who offers portable batteries as a part of his/her permanent range of products for sale, and at the same time, falls under one of the below stated groups of commercial activities. In addition, this concerns each end-retailer, who sold in the previous year more than 2,000 pcs or 50 kg of portable batteries, as applicable.

What are the general take-back principles of portable batteries applicable to retail shops?

The spent batteries must be accepted directly in the retail shop:

Are there any other obligations, if spent batteries are accepted in a retail shop?

The retailer must mark his/her place of business by a visible and legible sign showing that this is the collection point of spent portable batteries.


Are there any obligations for the portable battery retailers to whom the take-back obligations do not apply?

The retailer may decide to accept spent batteries from his/her customers voluntarily; however, he/she must consequently hand over these batteries to a collection point. At the same time, he or she is obligated to display visibly in his/her retail shop a notice informing about the possibility of handing over the batteries there. In any case, even though such retailer is not obligated to accept spent batteries from the customers, he or she is obligated to display visibly in his/her retail shop a notice informing, where such batteries can be handed over within the territory of the municipality, city borough or district.


Are there any restrictions applicable to the sale of portable batteries or accumulators in power?

Batteries containing mercury (Hg) and/or cadmium (Cd) where such content exceeds the relevant limits must not be marketed or sold.
The exceptions are applicable to:

With effect from 19th December 2009, it will be possible to sell only the batteries placed on the market by the manufacturers listed in the List of Manufacturers issued by the Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic.

In order to prove the above-stated facts, please contact your supplier(s).

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