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Further development of the take-back schedule for spent batteries is conditioned by a long-term work in the sphere of education and enlightenment. ECOBAT has prepared a long-term recycling program for schools in cooperation with other collective systems (ASEKOL, EKOLAMP, ELEKTROWIN). Our complex educational programme Recycling Games - Let´s Clean the World! is organised for all schools in the Czech Republic. At the present more than 3.500 school institutions have participated on this program!

The schools involved in this project receives points for their answers and completed tasks connected with the issue of waste materials and for collection of spent batteries and electrical equipment to delivered containers. For their points, they may buy in an internet shop interesting items according to the catalogue. This catalogue offers various teaching aids, tickets to educational and entertainment parks, sports requisites and consumer electronics.

Recycling Games - Let´s Clean the World!



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