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No batteries into your wastebasket

Spent batteries and accumulators incorrectly dumped along with normal wastes can seriously damage the environment. After some time, harmful substances (such as heavy metals) may release and contaminate soil, underground or surface waters. Heavy metals contained in batters have demonstrably harmful effects on human health.

Through recycling of metal substances contained in batteries significant saving in material and energy consumption can be achieved.

Where do the spent batteries go?
Spent and used batteries or accumulators can be handed over, free of any charge, at various points that are labelled by pour organisation as the “collection points (take-back points)”.
You may hand over used batteries and cells (e.g. AAA batteries coming from remote control devices, button batteries from wristwatches, rechargeable accumulators from cell phones) in retail shops and branches of the following companies (but not limited to):

How is the battery recycling process carried out?

All collected batteries are sorted by their electrochemical properties/types and they are brought to recycling facilities where, through complex technological processes, various metals, such as lead, nickel, zinc, manganese, cadmium, cobalt and others are recovered.

What does the crossed-out wheeled dustbin symbol mean?

You can find this symbol of “crossed-out wheeled dustbin” directly on batteries, their wrappings or electric devices containing such batteries. This symbol indicates that consumers should not throw these products to wastebaskets, dustbins or containers for municipal waste. Dumping of batteries to dustbins/containers for municipal waste or even freely to the environment is illegal and strictly forbidden!

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