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Batteries and accumulators are an inseparable part of hazardous components in the municipal solid waste stream and all municipal authorities are therefore responsible for providing places for collection points for such waste types. At the same time, batteries and accumulators belong among the products, where the responsibility of manufacturers for their take-back is applied.

We offer you the opportunity to use our take-back system and environmentally-friendly reprocessing of spent batteries.
These services are provided by our collective organisation from the 2003 year already to a large number of manufacturers, retailers, companies and schools. We are prepared to provide the same services to you.

Technical facilities and professional experience of our company guarantees that you will experience minimal troubles and costs connected with the take-back schedule of spent batteries. In addition, by sorting of spent batteries, you will help to reduce the contamination of mixed waste with extraneous substances and wastage of basic materials.

On your behalf, we are able – quickly and free of charge - to provide for:

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